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Run Faster Race Even Better

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
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5.00 out of 5

Coach Stephanie Atwood has more than 30 years of experience as a runner and a coach. These workouts have been developed from her own experience working with many levels of athletes on a daily basis. Coach Stephanie is certified through US Track and Field, Road Runners Club of America, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and more!

Kindle Version

Product Description

  • Ready to up the anti for your ability to race faster?
  • Want to use proven techniques to run faster and still “hold on” through the whole race?
  • Don’t have the budget for a private coach?
  • Now you can run faster, with professional coaching, without the cost!

Run Faster offers a series of workouts, written by a professional long distance coach with more than thirty years of experience

For distance runners of all abilities; one for each week of the year plus a bonus.

Speed and interval workouts WILL help you get faster. When you apply yourself you WILL reap the benefits. These speed and track workouts take the guesswork out of HOW and WHY.

You will have the option of doing Least Hard, Moderately Hard, or Hardest Workouts based on your running experience and your current training and goals.

“This How-To book has a little bit of everything in it! “

“All in all, I highly recommend this book for any runner, run/walker, or walker who is looking to improve his/her speed and stamina”.

“The purpose for each workout is summarized and the directions of what is to be done in each workout are clear”.

Each workout includes a warm-up, a detailed main run/speed workout, followed by the cool down. You also have a written PURPOSE for each of the workouts clarifying WHY you are doing it and WHAT it attempts to accomplish. You will also see a daily quote offering inspiration, humor, or food for thought…
Coach Stephanie Atwood has more than 30 years of experience as a runner and a coach. These workouts have been developed from her own experience working with many levels of athletes on a daily basis.

She has coached athletes in cross country, road racing, and trail races. She has coached individuals and teams. She has worked with youth and adults all the way up to octogenarians. She has qualified athletes for the Boston Marathon and has personally won many Masters events in her age group and qualified for Boston herself.

Coach Stephanie Atwood founded Go WOW Team, a women’s running walking group in the SF Bay Area, to offer quality, professional coaching and organized workouts to women of all ages, abilities, and sizes. This book is the first in the Return to Fitness Series, a compilation of workouts and information already tested on the members of Go WOW Team and now made available to all runners, everywhere.

Coach Stephanie is also an award winning, competitive runner who has qualified for the Boston Marathon and regularly places in the top 4 in her age division. She practices what she teaches and offers practical, realistic, and interesting training methods that include humor, skill, and experience.

4 reviews

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    There are currently 23 reviews on Amazon.com from happy readers. I would love to hear what you think, too. Add your comments here or on Amazon. They are always welcome! – Coach

  2. 5 out of 5


    From Amazon Reviews. Check them all out if you want to see what others think! – Coach Stephanie

    “If you are a runner and can only afford one book that tells you how to run faster and race even better, this is the book for you. ”
    Kathleen T Dillenbeck|

  3. 5 out of 5


    Atwood suggests they will!!

  4. :

    The best thing about the book? The workouts actually WORK, and they work exactly as Atwood suggests they will!!

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