couples runningWalk for optimum living. It’s fun, free, and incredibly effective.

Did you know that walking can completely transform your health for the better? That’s right – you don’t have to run a marathon or climb a mountain to get the benefits of exercise. Simply moving your legs and feet across a surface to get your heart rate up will do wonders for your body!

A lot of attention has been paid to getting in 10,000 steps of walking, jogging or running a day,” reports this article. Just two miles will get you half of those steps. But anytime you are out of a chair moving around, the steps you take are accumulating to benefit your overall wellness. So if running doesn’t feel accessible or like much fun, don’t worry, there’s another great exercise you can do, and it’s so simple.

Here are 8 reasons to walk regularly each week:
• It prevents Diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity
• It boosts your sex life with greater energy and desire
• It saves you money that you might have spent on a gym membership
• It can get you off medication
• It can help ease pain related to Fibromyalgia
• It can help you beat breast cancer
• It can reduce your risk of stroke
• It can boost your mental capacities by increasing blood flow to the brainWalking is a soothing and healthy activity that everyone, including you, can benefit from doing more often. So pull on your sweatshirt, head outside and take a good, long stroll through the neighborhood or to a nearby park. It will not only make you feel great, it could extend the length and quality of your life!

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